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Introduction Gita Dhyanam Summary of the Chapters
Transliteration & Translation Geeta Vahini Summer Showers 1979
Bhagavad Gita Quiz

Quiz | Answers

  1. In which sacred text is the Geetha incorporated?
  2. What is the special name given to each chapter in the Geetha?
  3. How many chapters are there in the Geetha?
  4. Mention them.
  5. How many Slokas (verses) are there in the Geetha?
  6. What is the concluding commentary of each chapter?
  7. Where and when was Geetha taught?
  8. Why was the Geetha taught?
  9. Why was Arjuna overwhelmed by despondency though he had come prepared to fight?
  10. How did Lord Krishna dispel Arjuna's delusion?
  11. What is the central message of the Geetha?
  12. What is 'Svadharma' and what is 'Paradharma'?
  13. Why did Lord Krishna impart knowledge of Aatma only to Arjuna and not either to Beeshma or Yudhishthira?
  14. Krishna addresses Arjuna during the course of the dialogue by many names. Mention them.
  15. Give the meaning of each name.
  16. What light do these names throw on the personality of Arjuna?
  17. What is the meaning of yoga?
  18. How is yoga defined in Geetha?
  19. What are the principal yogas in the Geetha?
  20. What is Karma Yoga?
  21. How does Swami explain Karma, Vikarma and Akarma?
  22. Explain the meaning of the verse
    Karmanyeva adhikaaras the ma phalehsu kadhachana.
    Maa karma phala hethur bhuh maatha sangauthva karmani II 47.
  23. What is Bhakthi yoga?
  24. How many types of Bhakthi are there?
  25. Give examples of each.
  26. What are the qualities that a true devotee should have?
  27. What is Jnaana yoga?
  28. How many types of Jnaana are there?
  29. How can one earn Jnaana?
  30. What is Raaja yoga?
  31. King Janaka, Sant Naama Dhev, Sant Jnaana Dhev, are realised souls. What was the yoga they practised?
  32. How does Swami explain the inter-relationship between Karma, Jnaana and Bakthi maargas?
  33. What is it that prevents a spiritual aspirant from taking to these paths?
  34. What is mind?
  35. Why should mind be controlled?
  36. How can mind be controlled?
  37. What are the other components of the mind?
  38. What are the impurities that affect the mind?
  39. What is Mala?
  40. What is Aavarana?
  41. What is Vikshepa?
  42. How can these impurities be removed?
  43. What is it that is responsible for these impurities?
  44. What are 'Gunas'?
  45. Describe the characteristics of these Gunas?
  46. What is the basis for these Gunas?
  47. How many types of food are there?
  48. What exactly is food according to Swami?
  49. What should we do to purify the food?
  50. What are the impurities related to food?
  51. Who digests the food that we eat?
  52. What are the types of food that He digests?
  53. How can we get rid of these Gunas?
  54. What are the three gates to Hell?
  55. How do they affect an?
  56. How does Geetha illustrate that 'desire leads to despair'?
  57. What are the three stages that make an aspirant merge in God?
  58. What is the illustration given by Swami to explain these stages?
  59. Which is more fruitful - the worship of God with name and form or worship of God without form and name?
  60. What does Geetha say about Avathaaric mission?
  61. What is the message of the Vibhuti yoga?
  62. What is the purpose of the Visvaruupa Samdharshana yoga?
  63. What are the qualities of an Sthitha Pragna?
  64. How can the despondency of Arjuna be called a yoga?
  65. How does Lord Krishna explain the efficacy of the caste system?
  66. What does Geetha say about speech habit?
  67. What is the meaning of these terms as given by Swami to - SAADHU, SAMAADHI, MOKSHA, PANDIT.
  68. What is the significance of Dhaivaasura Sampad Vibhaga yoga?
  69. Describe the tree of Samsaara.
  70. What are the seven excellences of (STHREE) woman as mentioned in the Vibuthi yoga?
  71. How does Swami explain the eternal longing of man 'I want peace' and how can one attain peace?
  72. Complete these quotations of Swami:
    a. Death is the _____________of ___________
    b. Death is sweeter than the __________of ignorance.
    c. As you______________so you_______________.
    d. The slokas of the Geetha will banish the ___________hearts (verses).
    e. Mind is the puppet of the ______________ we take.
  73. What is the significance of the following similies:
    (a) Goods wagon, (b) Fan with three blades, (c) Match box.
  74. The following quotations of Swami throws light on certain teachings of the Geetha - explain.
    a. Less luggage more comfort make travel a pleasure.
    b. Be in the World but let not the world enter you.
    c. Food -> Head -> God
    d. Man minus desire is God
    e. What matters is renunciation in action and not renunciation of action.
  75. What are the two verses that serve as two banks of the river of life?
  76. What is the significance of the verse:
    Pathram Pushpam phalam thoyam yome bhakthya prayacchathi tad aham bhakthi apahrtham ahsnaami prayatatmonah (IX/66)
  77. How can a lazy fellow interpret the verse:
    Sarva dharmaan parityajya
    Maamekam sharanam vraja
    Ahamthvaa sarva papebhyo mokshayishyami maasulchah
  78. Mention at least three verses that point out the immanent divinity.
  79. What are the three types of Sharanaagathi?
  80. What is the meaning of total surrender?
  81. What is the key to gain spiritual wisdom?
  82. How does Lord Krishna describe Aathma?
  83. What is the meaning given by Swami to MAN?
  84. What is the foundation for the mansion of the Geetha?
  85. How should one regard and revere the Geetha the song and word of God?
  86. "Dharmakshethre Kurukshethre" is the line with which the Geetha starts: what is the meaning of these terms?
  87. Aathma is described as free and independent, then what is the meaning of Aathma Samyamana Yoga?
  88. What is meditation?
  89. How can we say that the Geetha is Universal Scripture?
  90. How could Arjuna rise to the occasion and fight?
  91. What is the symbolical significance of Kurukshethra battle?
  92. What is Akshara Parbrahma yoga?
  93. Krishna says that he had first taught the Geetha to the Sun and the Sun to Manu as he is teaching to Arjuna? What is the meaning?
  94. How can ignorance or Ajnan be removed?
  95. What is the verse that says "nothing is greater than self discipline"
  96. What is the verse that says "you shall raise self by your own self"
  97. Who were the people other than Arjuna who heard the Geetha?
  98. Did Krishna teach the Geetha only to enlighten Arjuna?
  99. Give the meaning of the last verse of the Geetha?
  100. What is the famous quotation of Swami that portrays the greatness of the Geetha?

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